Giddy-up Partner!

Animal role play can be taboo and off limits for some but others will find it amazingly sexy. Getting in touch with your inner animal can unleash feelings you never thought imaginable.

While there are several ways you can use sexy role play to act on an animal sexual fantasy, one scenario that is recommended is pony play. This can be easily incorporated into BDSM in the following ways.

In most cases, the man will be the pony and the woman will be the rider. The only exception will be if the woman is strong enough to take the man’s weight.

The woman will ride around on the pony using a whip, kicking him and slapping him on the ass to get him go in the desired directions. She can even use a bridle and reigns to guide him and have him insert a horse tail butt plug to make things more realistic.

When you start getting tired, you can slow down and rub against him to get yourself off while he watches helplessly. And if you decide that you want him…you can find out what the expression ‘hung like a horse’ really means.

Once you are done with your ‘horse’ you can tie him up and put him in a corner until you are ready to use him again.

Horse and master are sexual role playing character ideas that play out quite nicely in the bedroom and they are great for BDSM sex. While animal sex might seem taboo, this is a great way to spice things up with your partner. How will you be using it to make your sex life more exciting?

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