Misconceptions About Lingerie

There are a lot of misconceptions about lingerie out there and we want to set the record straight! Lingerie is generally thought of as clothes for the bedroom since it’s used in foreplay and other intimate acts in bed. But lingerie is so much more than a piece of clothing used to seduce; it’s a piece of clothing that can empower a woman and help you gain more self-confidence in herself and her sexual prowess. Here are a few misconceptions about lingerie that should totally be ignored!

  1. Lingerie is only for fit or skinny people

Although you might see ads for lingerie worn by fit or skinny people, lingerie is for women of all sizes! Plus-size and curvy women can wear sexy lingerie just as fit women can! It doesn’t matter how much weigh, if you have curves or not or if you have the goods to fill the bra cups, luxury lingerie has no size when it comes to its wearer. All that matters is that you find lingerie that fits and that you feel comfortable in it!

  1. Fine lingerie is expensive

Sure, there are expensive lingerie brands, but there are also affordable options, too. Retailers can mark up lingerie because they simply can and it’s not because the products cost more. They have an image to sell and price accordingly. So don’t think you need to break the bank to afford lingerie pieces like matching bra and panty sets, teddies and the like! There are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

  1. Lingerie is just for the bedroom

Although many associate lingerie with sex, that’s not always the case. You can wear lingerie under your work clothes or everyday outfits and again in the bedroom whenever you feel like being sexy! Lingerie is supposed to make you feel confident whenever you need a boost, so it can easily be worn any time you want.

  1. The biggest bra size available is a DD

There are more bra sizes after DD, which is the end of the “standard sizes.” Usually, anything after that is considered plus sizes. However, not many companies offer sizes beyond DD, which is why it’s become the largest size in terms of industry standards. You can get bras for any size breasts you have, which is why there are various custom bra boutiques that offer such bespoke items.

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