Self-love Is Sexy.

Sexy, sex, sexual and all the many derivatives of the word is something we try to model ourselves with. Everyone likes the feeling of turning heads, and it certainly can’t hurt to attract partners easier, so how exactly do we achieve this? what makes one sexy?

Well, there are certainly many takes, and very few could really be wrong because, after all like most states of being, sexy is relative. Yes, you read right, not everyone finds the same things sexy. However, there are simple and common things that we are all generally attracted to, and while I could list all of them today, I want to focus on what I believe is the foundation and sexiest of them all; self-love.

Here are five easy ways we can show ourselves self-love.

Drink water. Water is the one thing you can’t have too much of, and it comes with only good benefits. It keeps you hydrated and glowing by boosting both your digestive system and your skin. This was you feel as good as you look. It is also a great mood improver.

Get some sunlight. Now, it is always important to go out with an SPF of at least 35 to protect your skin barrier from harsh rays, but a little sunlight is great for you. Like water, it’s a great mood booster and works well to keep us glowing.

Speak your mind. Speaking your mind is an underrated blessing, and hence one we take for granted. While I encourage you to be kind to others, it is equally important for your mental health to voice your concerns there are no issues that can be dealt with when they are not addressed. Airing out your mind and doing what’s best for you is a great confidence booster, and nothing says sexy like confidence.

Explore, try new things. Don’t be afraid to step out of the confines of your comfort zone, try something new, outfits, restaurants, hobbies, bedroom tricks. As long as it presents no danger, trying something gives you the knowledge of knowing what you really like, and adventure is certainly sexy.

Finally, buy sexy lingerie. Whether you’re putting it on for a night of sultry fun, or beneath work and leisure clothes. Lingerie always adds a boost of confidence and daring spunk to our moods.

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Remember, nothing as sexy as being happy!

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